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Same Sex Divorce Attorneys Las Vegas

Currently, same-sex couples are unable to legally marry but can enter into a domestic partnership in Nevada. The same sex marriage attorneys at Steinberg Law Group will help craft a Pre-Partnership Agreement that will resolve questions related to your personal situation, such as hospital access during illness, health care directives, powers of attorney, division of property, child custody and any other areas that need to be defined. If you are in a long-term relationship, now is the time to formally recognize your same sex relationship to protect both yourself and your partner.

Nevada does recognize gay or lesbian marriages that have been entered into legally in other states. Same-sex couples are able to obtain a legal dissolution in Nevada. Nevada laws do not distinguish based on sexuality during separation or divorce – the same avenues, such as a mediated divorce, contested or uncontested divorce, still apply. However, the federal government does not yet recognize same-sex marriages or same-sex divorces. Dividing assets that have a government component, such as certain pension plans or 401(k)s can be more of a challenge.

Steinberg Law Group understands the nuances and possess the sophistication that is needed to help clients through this process as supportively and successfully as possible. In the event of a dissolution, Attorney Brian Steinberg is available for mediation, as this is likely a great alternative for same-sex couples to avoid taking their dispute to Court.  Call today for a consultation with one of our same sex divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.